Monday, June 30, 2008

Jay-Z Live Glastonbury 2008 / Kanye Vote or Die PSA

Jay is that dude.


Short and DEF. true. Vote. But you must REGISTER 1st. (def. need to mail my s*** off, lol)

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Friday, June 27, 2008

NaS - Untitled Tracklist & Sly Fox

01. Queens Get The Money (Produced by Jay Electronica)
02. You Can’t Stop Us Now (Featuring Eban Thomas of The Stylistics & The Last Poets) (Produced by Salaam Remi)
03. Breathe (Produced by J. Myers & Dustin Moore)
04. Make The World Go Round (Featuring Chris Brown & The Game) (Co-produced by Cool & Dre & The Game)
05. Hero (Featuring Keri Hilson) (Produced by Polow Da Don)
06. America (Produced by Stargate)
07. Sly Fox (Produced by stic.man of Dead Prez)
08. Testify (Produced by Mark Batson)
09. N.I.G.G.E.R. (The Slave And The Master) (Produced by DJ Toomp)
10. Untitled (Produced by stic.man of Dead Prez)
11. Fried Chicken (Featuring Busta Rhymes) (Produced by Mark Ronson)
12. Project Roach (Featuring The Last Poets) (Produced by Eric Hudson)
13. Ya’ll My Niggas (Produced by J. Myers)
14. We’re Not Alone (Featuring Mykel) (Produced by stic.man of Dead Prez)
15. Black President (Featuring Johnny Polygon) (Produced by DJ Green Lantern)

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Gym Class Heroes - Cookie Jar ft. The Dream

H.E.R. Trav is crazy. lol

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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Arlenis Pena

Claire at The Fashion Bomb, a dope fashion blog, always spotlights some talent. Arlenis Pena is one of the black/brown faces that we all wish we saw more of in couture fashion (and fashion period).

Go check out the lil article on the site, The Fashion Bomb.

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Jay-Z - Roc Boys Trailer (Unreleased) /


I'm def. not one for being dependent on someone else, its just not in my character. But if it has you going on adventures like Don C (Kanye's best friend) I could try that gig for a while, lol.

I don't even like these bags but I'd like to be able to "see" the store. lol


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D-Block - Prepare For Glory

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Common - Announcement

This song is def. better than "Universal Mind Control".. hope is a better preview of the album.

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Matt W. Moore killing Illustrator that I stumble around with

Matt W. Moore has taken doodling to a new level with his various series of eye-catching illustrations and graphics. Vectorfunk 2 is a series of posters that combine line, form and colour in ways that pop – all of which contribute to a sense of action and movement within each piece. The Geometry posters incorporate symmetry, which does not take away from the excitement, but rather adds a kaleidoscopic aspect to MWM’s work. Looking at these pieces feels like being a kid at an amusement park, with access to all the rides, carny games and candy.

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Wale - The Artistic Integrity

Get it?

I must be about a few hours late and I almost can guarantee that my DMV homie have BEEN posted this. lol

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Black Cloud Clothing Autumn 2008


Just a taste. I really want to show you so much but in due time.... I'm working. ;)

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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

CRAZY!... Yeezy's / SB Backpack

Now.. I'm not like a "sneaker head", ya know? But I have a few purrr (Nelly voice) but these Yeezy's are crazy and these are the dopest I've seen. I just found out who this dude, Tinker Hatfield is today but if he did these he has to be pretty good. (He helped design the Air Jordan among other s***... Nike Air Trainer, etc.)

I love bags. Bookbags, messenger bags, duffles.. all of it! I constantly have s*** I need to take w/ me everywhere so I gotta have a dope bag to put it in and not look like the lil second grader w/ the rolling bookbag. But yeah this is crazy as well. Like who didn't like Toy Story when they were little? So put my love for bags w/ my little kid pleasures and im all for it. Nike is trying to get ALL my money for "goin back to school". Like this stuff will be out for me to take to school. Ha! (cool to look at though, no?)

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Get Lite!

I first experienced this at the Rucker early last summer. S*** was crazy. The actual game was trash but the lil homies that were in the stands were goin in! lol... But my favorite is Chrybaby at like 4:50....

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Lupe You, Me Him & Her Freestyle

Sounds like preFood and Liquor but this reminds me. Jay killed this s***.
This was the soundtrack to basketball videos for like three summers. Remember when AND1 ruined basketball? Good times, lol.

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Monday, June 23, 2008

Ne-Yo Cover Art

The first two are bangers.... "3 Peat" for real w/ this one? I think so because Closer is my s***!

Shout to Urban Music

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Sunday, June 22, 2008

Wale X Rik Cordero X Herfection

Wale has grown on me and Rik has had my attention since the first mention I have ever heard of him and Heather at Herfection.com seems to be everywhere so three people doing three different things that are doing their thing.

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J Smooth - How Not To Look Like A Sucker

J Smooth w/ another gem. "As men we were taught to hold it in / That's why we don't know how 'til we older men" ~Common - Love Is... I cry s***. And i tell my friends I love them too cause like everyone else I've been through some trying times and gained the appreciate of beautiful ppl in your life. So don't feed into the tough guise and be true to you.

I Cry by Freeway

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Saturday, June 21, 2008

New Site /Not Even a Preview Fall Collection! lol

I've been working diligently since I got my baby back and new site will be up Sunday night/ Monday... I'm excited. And for those that bookmarked the blog when it was on "blog.html" sorry getting it all together. The blog is gonna be move one last time to blogger so posting is smoother. But yeah big things to come for Black Cloud. So I leave you with this "not even a preview Fall Collection".. until I have more to give you here you are.

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Bangin Mixtapes!

Gemstones is hot. Have been a fan since the Fahrenheit 115 Series. Take a listen.

50 is on a roll with these mixtapes. I love how it's hard lyrics over classics RnB and club. Keep it up 50! But i'm not buyin T.O.S. You can though.

Speaking of mixtapes we at Black Cloud are putting together a mixtape to promote the release of the fall collection and great new artists. No title for it just yet but it will def. be crazy. Hard at work.. Keep u posted.

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Thursday, June 19, 2008

"Hip Hop": Little Brother - And Justus For All

I'm late with this one but ain't no such thing when it comes to good music. The last album Get Back was and is a GREAT album and this one thus far is not a step back from the last. Little Brother are just dope. They give you that old school true to hip hop sound with the "mimicking" the actual boom baps of the Golden Era. Listen if you like please buy it. Hip hop lives if you want it to.

Little Brother - And Justus For All

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Tyga Karmaloop TV

I like this lil dude.. I def. did just ordered that RockSmith Daft Punk shirt. That s*** is dope. But yeah album in stores now; I bought it and it's surprising a pretty solid album.

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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

"Mac I'm Goin In!"

*tear, lol

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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

I really digg these too

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Monday, June 16, 2008

Overdose On Life (Making)

I was feeling this song before I saw the making of it and after I like it more. Like I got the concept before the "making of" but it just has you thinkin that is was you should be "overdosing ON" LIFE! And people that know me may/should know that I o.d on b.s sometimes that I shouldn't let get to me. So this is my motto for month to say the least and what I have been living by but with more focus from here on.
*And Drake if you all don't know is dope so check him out.
Mixtape Comeback Season is dope! More on dude.

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Sunday, June 15, 2008

Young Chris - Never Die Video

Love this song and I feeling the video. Isn't the best quality but it's a hood video.

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Saturday, June 14, 2008

Chrisette Michele - Love Is You Video

I love this song and i def. feel this video.
*Updates to the site still coming soon.

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Thursday, June 12, 2008

CNN Blacks in America

This def. looks GOOD. I'm looking forward to watching it cause it appears it isn't just some bull one sided perspective. And i digg the acknowledgement that this isn't a story of "blacks" but story of "America". That's dope.

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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Hip Hip Lives Through Me

I was a good hip hop fan today!.. Hearing the music first made me want to buy the albums aside from my love for the culture. Where you a good fan today?

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Tyga - No Introduction

i'm very opinonated and I may have kicked in homie back early. Now im not saying he's that dude but half way through the album (which i only started listening to becuase Patty Crash is on the first joint) its cool. More of an "album" than many other "albums".
Tyga - No Introduction

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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Stupidity! / Boo!

I'm sorry but sometimes ignorance should be expose and shared so we can learn from it. Like what did they prove from takin homie chain? And I don't even like his music like that. You know Wayne or big cousin Travis bought it or he even spent his WHOLE advance on it and what are you gonna get but ppl like me saying you're an ass! You're gangsta! You stole two (probably fake ass) chains from a 100 pound adolescent! You're cool!

DiddyDiddyDiddyDiddy! Wow.. it kind baffles me how sooo many ppl are actually LOVING C3 and calling it "classic". I'm sorry Carter 3 is a "best" a solid album but i disagree. Don't have time to dissect it now but you listen to it and let me know what you think. Classic [ :x ], solid album [ :| ], so so [ :)] or should've bought N.E.R.D.'s new s***?! [ :D ].

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Monday, June 9, 2008

:X My b.. Gonna get it together soon enough

Having trouble with server. have to get this s*** right I havent been missing days disk space is full. might have to change the blog over to blogspot but keep it on the site so be prepared for that! :X

But yeah until s***s right just was thinking about high school u MAY be able to find me in there. (the pic may be too small)

and this is how my summer is goin so far (SOME of the time! lol)

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Exclusive Gym Class Heroes

Can't wait for the mixtape and album. As Cruel As School Children and Papercut Chronicles are my s***.

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Rap Music Real Talk w/ Dallas Penn ft. Joell Ortiz

I love hip hop. Yowah! lol

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Friday, June 6, 2008

I Assassination of Barack O'bama

A controversial art exhibit was raided and shut down before it could be viewed in NYC yesterday.

According to the NY Times blog: Cityroom, Boston-born performance artist, Yazmany Arboleda, tried to set up a provocative art exhibition in a vacant storefront on West 40th Street in Midtown Manhattan with the title, “The Assassination of Hillary Clinton/The Assassination of Barack Obama”.

The artist thought his racist views were protected under the Constitution because he was expressing himself through his art. Wrong.

Not 30 minutes after Arboleda set up the gallery across the street from the New York Times building, police, feds and secret service swooped in to shut the art exhibit down. While police covered the offensive storefront window with brown paper, Arboleda was led away in handcuffs to be “interrogated”.

Arboleda, 27, learned the hard way that freedom has its limits. Later, in an interview, he said: “It’s art. It’s not supposed to be harmful. It’s about character assassination — about how Obama and Hillary have been portrayed by the media.” He added, “It’s about the media.”

I think people have the right to express themselves through art and speech but this is not acceptable. I normally post new music, etc. but there are issue more important than Lil' Wayne's new feature or album. And I original Title of this post was "Freedom or expression or racism?" This def. looks like some racist s*** to me. I don't see how this could be flipped to be about the media or anything but some racist bs. Now this is when I really need your comments. How do you feel about it cause I can get real Huey at times?


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Thursday, June 5, 2008

NaS - Black President / Barack Obama and The Future First Lady

Got an comment saying why so much NaS? Well NaS is one of my favorite all time and he's puttin good music out. This song is dope and about another cool dude, you might know him. ;)

Since NaS is making songs about my dude my not post something that was brought to my attention my Whoopi during The View. (I be bored at work and it's a good show) This gesture between the future President and first lady is just the coolest. If you want I can explain why it is and why he's a cool and good dude just hit me. lol

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New N.E.R.D. off the album Seeing Sounds

Anti Matter is dope. I need to hear the whole album together to "see sounds". Can't wait for the album. Go get it. Pre-Order it here Yeah right who pre-orders music now days?! lol

Time For Some Action - LISTEN/DOWNLOAD

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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

NaS X Green Lantern - NiGGeR Tape (Artwork) / Wrap-up NaS & DJ Clue Interview Pt. 3

They are both dope. But the one on the left is more of what you would expect so I go w/ the left. I was pondering a "BlackCloud Mixtape" but I'm always pondering and it would def. be dope.

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Russell Simmons is a funny dude! lol

I've been watching fashion interviews all morning and show some interesting things. I just like watching interviews of artists and designers (i like and don't like) so I can better understand the person and just learn stuff. This one wasn't one of the most informative but def. entertaining. The clothes may be wack but dude is hilarious! The end discussion is the best! lol

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Beverly Hills Cop is BACK!? / Common Northwestern Univ. Freestyle / N.E.R.D. Album Art & Tracklist

Eddie Murphy will once again star in the movie franchise that catapulted him to stardom almost 25 years ago, Beverly Hills Cop.

Brett Ratner, whose work includes the "Rush Hour" movies, is in negotiations to direct the film, while Lorenzo di Bonaventura of "Transformers" was tapped to produce the flick, Reuters reported.

I personally LOVED all the Beverly Hills Cop movies and have confidence in this one. (I just hope it isn't Eddie's Rocky Balboa, lol)

Common just kills this lil freestyle. Youtube is the best. W/o it I (we) would miss cool moments like this one so thanks Steve Chen, Chad Hurley and Jawed Karim. And listen to what Coms saying.. crazy.

01 Intro/Time For Some Action f. The Hives 3:42
02 Everyone Nose 3:27
03 Windows 2:58
04 Anti Matter 4:01
05 Spaz 3:50
06 Yeah You 4:05
07 Sooner or Later 6:42
08 Happy 4:35
09 Kill Joy 4:09
10 Love Bomb 4:36
11 You Know What 4:31
12 Laugh About It 4:06

I like what I heard from the album thus far and I buy good music so hopefully I buy this, lol. Don't think Wayne has a chance of getting my hard earned. What about yours?

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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

"Yes We Can!"?

Senator Barack Obama has reportedly secured the Democratic presidential nomination according to the Associated Press.

According to the AP's tally of convention delegates conducted on Tuesday (June 3), Obama has finally received the number of delegates necessary to make him the official Democratic nominee.

He has now become the first Black candidate ever to lead his party into a fall campaign for the presidency.

The AP tally was based on public commitments from delegates as well as more than a dozen private commitments. It also included a minimum number of delegates Obama was guaranteed even if he lost the final two primaries in South Dakota and Montana later in the day.

Senator Hilary Clinton has still vehemently denied reports that she plans to concede this week and accept defeat before the final numbers are in.

I think O'Bama has a "better: chance at winning the Presidency if Hilary is on the ticket w/ him but I dont know if she is the best person for VP. She has def. displayed some ill tactics to even get this far. But it's on O'B not me and I support him so.. yeah, lol

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Monday, June 2, 2008

Kanye Freestyle @ Summer Jam / Wale & New Era / Juan Epstein 21 / NaS DJ Clue Interview Pt. 2

He spit this verse at SOBs i think.. but yeah dope.. and he loves white girls doesn't he? ("do anything for a blonde dike") but yeah why pay for summer jam when u can experience the best of the show the next day via youtube? lol. nah "good" concerts are still only really felt "live".. but yeah i didn't go.. lol

Its hot.. I would rather it be just the "W" lookin like a shoe lace.. and how gay is it to wear another dude's name on your hat? hmmmmm?....

I just got up on this. It's kinda funny and educational.. (sometimes "too hip hop educational but w/e listen if u want) It's Cipha Sounds ("Juan" cause he's Puerto Rican) and Peter Rosenburg ("Epstein" cause he's Jewish), they are def. hip hop heads. And the show is interesting.

And more Peter Rosenburg and more Summer Jam. Yo, Rosenburg is a funny dude. You know Ye had to show out at Summer Jam. F***ing aliens! lol.. Never has Summer Jam had any aliens! lmao and Rita G.....wow...

I can't wait for "Nasir"... It's gonna be better than "The Carter 3". I'm predicting it now! ;) :X

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Sunday, June 1, 2008

Lupe NBC5 Street Team Chicago Interview

This tour has got to be one of the craziest tours ever! There is just talent everwhere! Most tours the main events are weak and the opening acts and so on are 3Xs worse. I wasn't able to attend but it HAD to be crazy everybody on the damn thing I f***s with HEAVY!...

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